Monday, September 1, 2014


So, things are going well. Sister McCauley and I get along really well--too well, sometimes. But we have an investigator preparing for baptism on Sept. 13, so we are really excited. She is pretty cool. Her daughter is already a member, and she just says she needs to learn a lot before she's really ready. We had an awesome lesson with her this last week, and she just keeps getting more prepared. In other news, someone I taught back in Sioux City I learned has agreed to be baptized, so that's awesome, too!
We only have had to ride our bikes a little bit since members have been good about giving us rides or we've had the car. But this week we will have the car a little less. Yesterday we were out riding bikes, and it was so humid, and I was so sweaty (I am painting a beautiful picture, aren't I?), but Sister McCauley and I had prayed for a miracle: We needed one more lesson to be what the mission calls a "star companionship." We thought it would be cool to be stars our first week together. I mean, how awesome, right? Anyway, so there we are, biking, hot, sweaty, tired, and looking totally... amazing (I probably looked like a supermodel, so just picture that). But we stopped at the home of someone whom the Elders used to teach (they haven't been in the area since May, so it has been a while). And a miracle occurred: He was home! So was his wife! And we were able to teach about the Book of Mormon and why he should read it. (Hint: Moroni 10:3-5 and Alma 5: 45-46 are the reasons why.) He paused, and then said that we were right and he was going to actually try to read this time! Triple miracle, folks: He was home, we could teach him, and he said he'd read! Now that's cool stuff.
I love Lincoln. I have NO idea where I am going, what I am doing or anything like that, but hey! It's good! 
How about some photos? I feel like photos might make up for the fact that this email is short.
It includes: Hna Pocock, who came out with me and goes home at the end of this transfer, Me, Hna. Thompson who came out the transfer after me but goes home with me, and Sister Larson, who was my companion in Sioux City. We are lovely!

I love you all and can't wait to hear from you all soon!
Sister Loradona May

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