Tuesday, September 16, 2014

An Amazing Week Coming...

Hey! Last week was... Well, it was. That's about all I really have to say. I tried to ignore that I had a cold and was sick, but then we went to a member's house and she said, "You look terrible!" Thanks, Tina. She then proceeded to load us up with cold medicine and sent us home. I slept for a whole day. And now I'm better.  Sleep is the cure! Who knew? Plus a lot of cold meds.
But this week? This week is cool. A member is taking us and our investigator Whitney to the Trail Center in Omaha on Wednesday, which is going to be awesome. The Trail Center can be such a spiritual place, and we are excited for Whitney to be a part of that this week. On Thursday we have zone training and our exchange for the transfer, and then on Friday... On Friday we get to go to the temple! Hooray! It is about time. I have spent my whole mission far, far away from the temple, but now I get to go. Then, on Saturday...
Saturday is a Special Day, but not because it's the day we get ready for Sunday. It's special because that is the day Whitney is getting baptized! Whoohoo! We are so excited for her! Our District Leader interviewed her yesterday, and she passed with no trouble. It was awesome. She was nervous about the interview, though, even though we had already reviewed the questions with her. She asked on Sunday morning if we could meet before church to review them again, and she basically practiced answering them. It was great! So of course by the time the interview came, she was more than ready. We even gave her a copy of the questions to take with her in the interview, just so she could read them along with Elder Handy asking them. It made her more at ease, and besides, it's not like the questions are top secret or anything. They're in Preach My Gospel, which is online. It was a simple thing to make her more comfortable, though.
We are so excited. We've spent the weekend putting together the baptism, and Whitney's daughter (she's 9) is going to sing at the baptism. It's going to be adorable and cute! So many ward members are involved--we've tried to involve as many different families as possible to help widen the support net. It's really going to be great, and I am just so happy to be a part of this for her.
Basically, I love you all, I love missionary work, Nebraska is pretty awesome, and I love doing what I do!
Keep being awesome!
Sister Loradona May

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