Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Best Week Ever

Hey family! Guess who had the best week ever? This sister! (Imagine me, pointing to myself, with a big grin. Got that image? Okay. Hold on to it.)
This past week was crazy busy but so good! We rode our bikes in the rain the first part of the week. I'm just glad that it was still a warm rain. Things have started to cool down, so who knows if we'll have warm rain in the future. It might start to be cold... Ugh. Speaking of which, we had an actual snow scare this week, which made me nervous, because I sent my winter coat and boots home months ago. Hopefully that wasn't a mistake... No snow arrived, however, for which we were grateful.  Whew!
Then on Wednesday, a member drove us and Whitney, our investigator, to the Trail Center for a tour and lunch. It was so neat. It was a cool experience to help Whitney see that she was about to become a part of a church with a history of faith and people who chose to be pioneers. It was also different to be there not as a tour guide. I haven't been to the Trail Center for a tour since I left, over a year ago, so I felt like I was supposed to be giving the tour, but not at the same time. It was weird, but we had a good experience.
On Friday, our zone was able to go to the temple! I really do appreciate it now so much more because I don't have the luxury to go except when President Weston says. It was a great chance to feel peace and calm, and to spend that time with other missionaries in the zone and with President and Sister Weston. They really are our mission parents, and they have so much love for us. I can feel it!

Then on Saturday, we had Whitney's baptism! We were told it would take 2-2.5 hours to fill the font, so we were there really early, and then... it only took an hour. And then half of it leaked out because the drain wasn't fully plugged. Ugh. But we caught it well before it was a problem, and the font was full of warm water by the time we started the service. (Whitney's daughter was baptized last year, and her water was cold, apparently, so Whitney requested warm water! When she arrived at the church to get changed, she asked if she could feel the water. We said sure. She leaned down to test the water temperature and said, "Ah! That feels about right!" So we did a good job!)
Her 9 year old daughter said the opening prayer, which was the sweetest thing, and then Sis. Spilker, the member who took us to the trail center, spoke. Then Sis. McCauley, Whitney's daughter, and I all sang "A Child's Prayer." I'm telling you, that song can make hardened criminals cry, so it is no surprise that everyone was sniffling at least a little bit. And then Whitney got baptized! The Spirit was really strong, and Whitney was crying the whole time. It was so beautiful. While Whitney changed, Sis. McCauley and I bore testimony (During which Whitney's daughter jumped up and said, "I want to bear my testimony!" How do you say no? Of course you don't. You say yes!) and asked everyone to consider their relationship with Christ, while a sister from the ward played the harp. As our Ward Mission Leader said, "There's a reason everyone always pictures angels playing harps in heaven!" We had another talk, and welcomes, and then refreshments, and it was lovely. We had a number of people from the ward come, and it was just awesome.

To put the cap on an awesome week, Whitney was then confirmed on Sunday. How can you have a better week than that? I don't think you can!
Now the hard work of finding and teaching continues. Hooray!
I love you all, and I hope you all have great weeks!
Sister Loradona May

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