Thursday, August 14, 2014

The City Named for a President

Just to blow everyone's mind a little bit... I am no longer in Sioux City, IA (or Dakota Dunes, SD, for that matter). Transfers came on Thursday. My day started with exercise, and then a phone call from President Weston at 6:40 am, during which he thanked me for my service as a sister training leader, and let me know my new assignment was in the Holmes Lake area in Lincoln, NE! I was surprised, but not. I thought I might be going somewhere, but I still was sad to be leaving.
It's cool, though, because now, of the major regions of the mission, the only one I haven't been in is Omaha--isn't that ironic? Don'tcha think? (HA!) Of all the areas NOT to serve in, I haven't served in the area the mission is named for. I guess I can maybe say I did, because I was at the Trail Center for a short time, but we'll see.
My new companion's name is Sister McCauley, and she is from South Weber, UT--my first authentic Utahan companion! We are also in a car share with another set of sisters, which means about half of the time, we have no car. This means (drumroll please) that I am now a sister who rides a bike! This also means that the first order of business in Lincoln was to buy a bicycle helmet. Fortunately, a member already bought bicycles for the sisters here to use, so at least I don't have to spend $400+ to buy a bicycle in what is likely to be my last area in the mission. Any advice from those of you who rode a bike on their missions? (Ahem, DAD?) My behind might be a little bit sore already. It's cool. Don't worry about it. I'll get over it. :)
We had a Stake activity my first Saturday here, which was cool because I got to meet about a thousand million people, although I remember 5 of them. Also cool? In Lincoln, I have 3 former companions serving: Sister Youngberg (MTC companion), Sister Gulledge (I trained her in Kearney YSA), and Sister Gomez (We were together in Sioux City). So I feel like I know a lot of people already. Also, my District Leader is an Elder I served with in North Platte. Life is funny that way! Is this just the way it goes the longer you are out? You just know everyone or have served with everyone? I have no idea.
The ward seems good. In a fun twist, the family of a YSA I worked with in Kearney is in the area I am in now, which is cool. I hope I get to run into him and his girlfriend, who last I heard, was learning from the missionaries (I got to give her a Book of Mormon in Kearney). Anyway, I'll keep you updated on that one.
I don't always know why I get transferred, or what my purpose in a given area is, but I hope to figure it out and just be able to do the Lord's work for me here. I love you all, and I can't wait to hear from you!
Sister Loradona May

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