Monday, July 28, 2014

Positivity, Dancing, and Eating!

So, this past week we had interviews with President Weston. You know it's a good interview when you feel better going out than coming in. And that's exactly how I felt. He told me stress was not a Christlike attribute, and to not be stressed :) He also told me to eliminate negativity and replace it with positivity: "The two can't occupy the same space, Sister!" He also gave me sage dating counsel: "If he's negative, ditch him, Sister!" Sure thing, President! It was pretty funny. But it has helped. Eliminate the negative and replace it with positive. It has really helped me rethink how I look at my work with the Sisters, members, and investigators. Sister Larson and I keep saying to one another, "Okay, quick: what are 5 positive things about _____?" And then we have to do it. It has helped.
Plus, I think other stressful situations are beginning to resolve, so that is good. We went to the 148th annual Winnebago Pow-Wow in Winnebago, NE, which, yes, is in our area. Sister Littlegeorge took us, and she knew everyone! She would introduce us to family and friends, and there were several people who had questions about us. One man heard us talking about being missionaries, and said, "Are you on a mission trip here on the reservation?" We explained it was part of our area, but that we were living in the Sioux City area and covered a bunch of towns in Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska. He thought it was cool because he had just returned from a "mission trip" in Sierra Leone (spell check doesn't like that--am I off?) and he thought it was neat we would do that here. We were able also to meet members from other reservations in Arizona, which was neat. We were able to eat Indian Fry Bread, and I wanted to try what was advertised as a "Rez Burger," or a hamburger where the bun was replaced with fry bread! I wish! Maybe next time, because there is another Pow-Wow in our area in a couple of weeks where a bunch of people from the Ward (active and less active) should be. We also were able to experience the dancing and drumming, which was neat. It was a good experience to see more of the local culture so we can understand the people here better. One of the sisters told us that it is important for the native people here to see us take an interest in their culture and dances, so I hope that can strengthen the relationship between the Omaha and Winnebago people and the church members. Maybe we can get more of the church members to join us for the next one, so they can mingle more. It's tough to get the native and non-native members to get together, partially because of culture, partly because of economics, partly because of distance. There just needs to be a way we can all be more unified in the gospel, you know? 

We continue to work, we continue to study, and we continue to do our best! This week includes an exchange in Le Mars, IA, the ice cream capital of the world! So, you know, I'm about to be very happy! It also includes a trip to Omaha, NE, so I'm also about to be very tired from driving. But also uplifted by trainings from President Weston. Whichever! I love you all. Have a good week, and remember: Positivity and Negativity can't occupy the same space! So kick one out and let the other one in!

Sister Loradona May

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