Monday, August 4, 2014

Mormons don't have Lent...

... but we do have consecration.

We went to Omaha this week for Mission Leadership Training, and President Weston talked about being consecrated. He said, "Sacrifice is what we give up. Obedience is what we do. And Consecration is who we are." He then asked us to be more consecrated and to choose three things to sacrifice for the remainder of our missions. I have thought of 2 things, and I am working on the third. I think I am giving up *gulp* ice cream and naps. Sigh. I LOVE ice cream, and P-Day naps are the BEST. But we have been promised blessings for it. Does anyone else want to join me in giving up something for the remainder of my mission? Whatever it is, you only have to give it up until October 29, so you can have it back then. We'll have the strength of numbers, and the strength of consecration! It will be cool. Let me know if you want to join me. Also, let's all have an ice cream together afterwards. And we'll follow that up with a long nap!

It's a good think I got to have ice cream at Blue Bunny in Le Mars last week. Sob! It's fine. (You know that when you throw a fit about something, you might be an addict... ooooooh!) It was a good exchange, though. Even more important than the lessons we taught was the conversations we had. It was really good, you know? Sometimes, working with other sisters IS as fun as it sounds. 

Also? We got to go to Omaha AGAIN this week! One of Sister Larson's investigators from Papillion was baptized on Saturday, and he asked for her to be there. We had some folks drive us down, and it was cool. It took three times for him to finally be baptized in the proper way, and it really made me think. We take baptism so seriously that it must be done precisely as Christ has asked us to do it. Also, baptism symbolizes a lot, not the least of which is the relinquishing of our will to God. I noticed when the baptizee was stiff and resistant to being lowered into the water, he was not completely baptized. When he was compliant and yielding, it was complete. It made me think about how our hearts must be when we make a covenant with the Lord. If we are rigid and resistant to change and to bending to God's will, it doesn't work well. When we fully give ourselves to  our Heavenly Father and stop resisting His will, then we become completely His. I think that goes well with what President Weston taught us about consecration. Giving things up is all about not resisting the will of God. It is all about realizing that you don't have to hold on to every little thing, because God will give you all. 

I can't wait to hear from you all if you want to join me in giving something up or not! I love you bunches! More than... naps and ice cream!

Sister Loradona May

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  1. I am so going to share this as my spiritual thought at the next presidency meeting! :)