Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In Which You Will Learn that Potatoes are of the Devil...

No tornadoes this week, though that might change... Speaking of change, transfers were last week, and... nothing happened! Ha! Did I get you? Sister Larson and I are still together and in Sioux City. It's a good  place to be. This week has been a little bit weird, and full of cool things, like lots of members going out with us and helping us do our work, and also some really fun things.
For example, we are working with a 10 year-old girl, and we decided to continue doing Activity Days with her through the summer, just so she gets into the habit of doing something fun and church related every Wednesday night. Her dad won't let her be baptized right now, but we are keeping on with our efforts with her. This activity was awesome. The Primary wanted to help, and before we knew it, what was going to be an activity with the girl and her mom included all the girls her age from the ward and two other moms! It was perfect. It helped her to have a chance to make friends with the other girls and to also have a spiritual experience. We were so blessed to have that opportunity, and it was because of members that it was able to happen. 

We had another experience with a member going with us to a lesson this week. She was able to really be very frank with them because she was their friend. It was a lot easier to ask them to do things (like attend church) because it didn't come from us--it came from a friend who loved them. I think that is something I have learned is that members are the glue that hold this together and make it work. Missionaries can only go so far. Without the members inviting, answering questions, and being their friends, the people we teach will never progress. 

One last fun story for today, and then I've got to go: We went to dinner with Penny (the mom) and Journy (the daughter) Our lesson included teaching about feasting upon the words of Christ. Journy (who is 7, by the way), said she had a story to tell us. Her story went like this:

Imagine the words of Christ are a food you like, like eggs. They are really good. But the stories of Satan are like... potatoes! You can eat all the eggs you want, but don't even think about touching the potatoes!

So my loved ones, remember the wise words of a seven year-old: Don't even think about touching the potatoes! 

I love you and I will write more to you soon!
Sister Loradona May

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