Monday, July 14, 2014

Candy Land and World Cup

Hello! I forgot to share one story last week: We were working at the Gospel Mission, serving in their soup kitchen, and one of the patrons asked, "Are you married?" My response: No... I'm a missionary! "But that doesn't mean you can't get married!" Yeah, but not until after my mission (unspoken: and probably not to you!). "That's a waste. You're pretty!" Thank you? Here's your food! The life of a Sister Missionary...

This week we learned that one of our investigators definitely won't be getting baptized any time soon. That was sad. We've seen him start to change, but those changes aren't enough at the moment to get him into the waters of baptism. It's okay, though. We're working on it!

In other news, I got to play Candy Land this week! Let me tell you how that came about: We were with a member, and we decided to pop on by a family whose 10 year-old daughter is not yet baptized. We went in and started to talk about Gospel topics when the daughter stops us and says, "Will you play a game with me?" Um, okay, kid. So she grabs Candy Land, sets it up, and we start playing! Good thing we can easily connect Candy Land to the Gospel: Even when you get stuck, or you have to move backward, you still have repentance and the chance to start again and move forward. There's always a new card to draw and a new way to get going! It might be the simplest game ever, but Candy Land gave us a fun opportunity to teach about repentance and the Atonement. Score 1 for us!

We had an awesome dinner with a part member family this week, where the husband is a total soccer fan, so we had a fun talk about the World Cup! Made my day! It also helped that we had a really good discussion on feeling the Spirit and prayer, too. Soccer discussion? Check. Spiritual discussion? Check! Awesomeness? Check!

Speaking of World Cup, last night as we were arriving to our meal appointment, the game was underway, right? Their teenage son was watching the game in the den, so I stood outside the door just to ask him the score. 0-0, he replies, right? So I say, "Go Germany!" And just then, Germany scores! Y'all, I totally helped Germany win the World Cup. I'm pretty sure I did that.

Also? It appears we will get to go to the temple this week with a member we've been working with to help her go to the temple for her own endowment. There's been some discussion about which missionaries and how many get to go, because our mission president has put a limit on the number who can attend, but right now I think it's us? I guess we'll know for sure on Saturday! Anyway, if we do get to attend, it will be the first time I've been to the temple in over a year. If you live close to a temple, GO! I've really missed it since I haven't been able to go. It's so far, and the mission has rules that you have to serve within a certain distance in order to go on zone temple trips. I haven't served near enough to the temple since my first transfer. Take advantage of being close to a temple and enjoy it!

I love you all, and I can't wait to hear from you in the coming week!

Sister Loradona May

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