Monday, July 7, 2014

The 4th...

So... It was the 4th of July and we had no appointments. No dinner appointment, no appointment for the evening, nothing. Ugh. Here's my commitment to you: if you have missionaries in your ward, make sure they have a place to be, even for mundane holidays, okay? Even for random stuff like Flag Day. Just help them out to not have to stress or feel sad that no one loves them enough to ask them for dinner on a holiday.

It's okay, though. We went to a member's house and ate a hot dog, but we didn't stay long because there were other missionaries already there, and it simply isn't kosher to have multiple missionaries at a members house for our mission (the hot dog wasn't kosher either, but hey, it was a holiday!).

We were able to catch one of our investigators at home, though, and we had a good lesson that evening, which was cool. Plus, we saw it as a blessing of obedience in continuing to work, even though it was tempting to just hang out with members or try to watch fireworks.

We went home and, because home is South Dakota, we had all sorts of fireworks in the neighborhood. Sadly, because it gets dark so late, we didn't get to see many of them. Can I just say that 4th of July is the least fun holiday as a missionary? All the things you would like to do (blow stuff up, stay up late, hang out with people) are against mission rules, so you just end up going inside and feeling lame. The most fun holiday is probably Easter: People are actually in the mood to hear about Christ, plus there's lots of candy around! AND all of the fun happens during daylight hours--bonus!

This is kind of a boring week--we went to Norfolk for exchanges this week, and we went to Omaha for a meeting, which was good. It helped me learn I was super prideful, so, hooray? Let's just say I am repenting and trying to be a good, humble missionary. Maybe you need to be more humble, too? Just get humble before you are compelled to be humble, and I bet you'll have a better time. :)

I have to go, but I love you all! Have a lovely week, and I will write soon!
Sister Loradona May

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