Thursday, October 2, 2014


Hello fellow Earth travelers!
This week was a little less eventful than last, but a little more normal, which is good. I just did normal missionary work, and did my thing. It was... not exciting. But it was good! It was being a missionary, and we got to do some service for the ward camp out by preparing food with the woman in charge of food, Sister Mar. We got to help cut vegetables like pros, and then we got a ride to the camp out so we actually got to eat the fruits (or vegetables) of our labors! We, naturally, didn't stay the night, but we did get to mingle with members and their families, and just fellowship. It was nice!

Even nicer was on Saturday, which was the Women's General Meeting for conference. It was so wonderful! I have been praying for help in establishing goals for myself, and I got some answers while I was listening. I look forward to more answers and revelation this next weekend. I hope you all pay close attention to what you need to learn or hear at conference. I love that we are able to hear from a prophet and apostles what God wants us to know for our lives. It is something I really appreciate!
Also, we are emailing late today because we were asked to do a last minute service to help a woman move. The missionaries in that area were desperate for help for her since none of the ward members could be there. I was a little crabby at first, which I'm a little ashamed about. I mean, it's service. Just do it! Last night when we got the call, all I could think was, "There are 6 days a week we could help, so why does it have to be this day?" But I put my crabbiness behind me, and I'm glad I did. We showed up, and there were 30 missionaries there! All of the missionaries in Lincoln (minus one companionship--lame!) came to help this sister move, and it was super fast. You should have seen those Elders move the piano! Yikes! But I realized something: I really was glad to help. And what is so special about Mondays that I feel I'm too good to help someone? Christ wouldn't have crabbed about it. I studied about Charity this morning in my studies, and I realized that I am not supposed to be childish or selfish in my charity. Because charity doesn't hold back. I need to have charity, and that was the lesson I learned today. Plus I actually had a lot of fun and saw missionaries I never get to see, so that was a bonus! Basically, do service, even if it seems inconvenient, because there will be blessings in it for you.
I love you all! I've attached a photo of all the missionaries following the move (from an apt. on the 2nd floor to an apt. on the 3rd floor--that's a lot of floors with a piano! Just saying...)
Sister Loradona May

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