Tuesday, October 21, 2014

So much to say...

This week was a fun week, but also filled with craziness. Sister McCauley has been sick and finally went to the doctor. She is now taking fun meds and is feeling a lot better, so that's good. We have been doing crazy service for people, which is good. I like service. I also love that we can grow closer to members of the ward.

We were also able to see “Meet the Mormons” this week with a member of the ward and her non-member husband. We were so excited to be able to go, but we were also nervous because some people have told us he is anti-Mormon. His wife feeds us, but she just brings us our meals. We never have meals in their home. When they picked us up, the first thing out of his mouth was, “I’m in a bad mood today!” Almost the second thing out of his mouth was, “I was born Lutheran, and I’m gonna die a Lutheran!” Sister McCauley and I thought, “Oh boy, this should be fun…” But as the drive continued, he warmed up to us, and told us all about his life in the Navy, his parents, and their kids. At the theater, he seemed to enjoy himself. And as we left and began talking about the film, he grudgingly admitted that “It was okay.” During the car ride back to Lincoln, however, he opened up and we had some good discussions. He ended our talk of the film by saying, “That was a good movie for anyone—of any faith! I would tell anyone they should see it, and if they disagree, I’ll tell ‘em what to do!” It turned into a really great experience for all of us. On Sunday, his wife thanked us for asking them to go and said it was another good step towards him being more familiar with the Church. “A few years ago,” she said, “You never would have got him in the car! This was huge!” So success achieved!

It was so weird to be in a movie theater, though. As a missionary, we can't watch TV, and spend every moment around a screen trying not to look at it. So when the previews came on, I had the biggest urge to look away, because I felt like I wasn't allowed to be there! Ha! I got over it pretty quickly, though, don't you worry! I definitely enjoyed my taste of movie theater popcorn for the first time in over 18 months! Yum!

We also experienced Christlike love and service in action in our ward. A woman we have been helping with her scripture study had her car break down, and her financial situation is not the best. When she broke down crying and called her visiting teacher for a ride to work the next day (it was 10 pm) the visiting teacher came right over and hugged her while she cried, and didn’t let go until she stopped. On Saturday, her home teacher spent all day—sacrificing his time and money—to help get her car running. We were at her home helping her clean because she felt so overwhelmed, and she told us all the support she’d felt and the love and we witnessed her home teacher’s dedication, and it was just the loveliest thing. It just reminded me how wonderful it is to serve, and the ripples that each action causes. And then our dinner appointment asked us if there was anyone we wanted to invite to dinner, we said we wanted to invite her, and she was so touched. We got to go to Indian food! I love Indian food. I ate waaaay too much, and enjoyed it thoroughly. So did the sister we invited to join us, so life is good. It was a good week to be a missionary in Holmes Lake.

We had another family invite us to go to see "Meet the Mormons," but since the Elders in our ward have struggled to find someone to take them, we suggested they ask the Elders. We would gladly go again, but we didn't want to hoard all the opportunities. And they did ask the Elders! WHen we saw the Elders on Sunday, they said to us, "We owe you Sisters sooooo much!" We were like, "Yeah you do!" Ha! It's cool, though. It's all about forging positive relationships and working together in the ward. I love it!

One last funny story: On Sunday, as Sister McCauley and I were standing at the chapel doors, a little girl approached us. “Are you Sister Missionaries?” she asked. Yes, we are! We replied. “Do you sleep overnight at the temple?” she asked. No, we said. But it was really cute, and it makes me glad to be here.

I love you all, and I feel like I can finally admit that I might be seeing you soon! I love you! Don't write me letters this week (who knows if I'd get them in time!). Just write me emails, and you can tell others to do that, too. loradona.may@myldsmail.net.

I love you!
Sister Loradona May

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