Saturday, October 11, 2014

Monday, Monday!

First off, I am thrilled that Cliff is back! Hooray for life! That really makes my day. And a HUGE high-five for Dad for emailing me the reunion photos. It made me ridiculously happy! So far, Dad is ahead of everyone else by about 45 points. Jeanette is in second place, because she is always sending me awesome pictures of her babies! Hooray! Everyone else is tied. I love you all! (There isn't really a contest. I hope you know that. I just like to pretend there are points and a contest. It's amusing! Back to our regularly scheduled email...)
So. I told you all about the emergency move. But my week in service wasn't over. On Tuesday I went on exchange in York and got to do service at Adopt-a-pet! We walked dogs in the rain, fed them treats, and then went to the cat room. Those kitties were so lonely that they came running to us when we entered the room. At one point, I had 4 cats on me. I was so sad I forgot my camera in the car. Sister Beers (the sister I was with) laughed at me really hard.
That night it then rained 6-8 inches. I KNOW! So we got a panicked call from a sister in the ward that morning: her basement was flooded and could we help? We could! So Sister McCauley and I quickly changed into service clothes and ran out the door. I ended up missing breakfast because we didn't have time, and it was an emergency. But I totally learned things about service this week. I think when you serve, especially in ways that may not seem glamorous or in ways that might not be popular, you feel Heavenly Father's love. And there is always a need for love.
And then there was General Conference! It was amazing, wasn't it? We got to go to members' homes both days to watch the conference, and it was so much fun. They had food and games and comfortable sofas. Most importantly, though, were the messages. I loved them. My favorite might have been Elder Bednar's talk. I feel like I want everyone everywhere to watch that talk, because it explains why I serve a mission. I serve because I want everyone to have the healing salve and bandages, too! If I have experienced the love and care of someone helping me, then I want to help them! It really was something that I loved the moment I heard the talk. It really hit me.
Hey, my time is running out, but you know I love you, right? Right! I love you all, even if I did award Dad more points. And, ultimately, it isn't about points, anyway. It's about how much you mean to me, and how much I appreciate your emails, letters, and support. I really do appreciate it. Tons.
I can't wait to hear next week what you all have been up to! What were YOUR favorite parts of conference?

Sister Loradona May

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