Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Happy Columbus Day!

Some of the Sisters thought the libraries wouldn't be open because it is Columbus Day. I said they were open. Guess who won? It was me! Hooray!
And even bigger hooray is the fact that someone I taught in Sioux City got baptized last weekend! I didn't hear about it until today because I missed my former companion's email about it last week. It's cool, though, because it was the girl whose father wouldn't let her get baptized yet, but we'd taught her all the lessons 3 times over. So instead we started giving her piano lessons. And then I got transferred. But I found out that her Dad finally gave permission, and she got baptized, and she played "I am a Child of God" at the baptism! Some people might say I have tears in my eyes at that, but it's just their word against mine, and no one would ever believe them over me.
It's a lovely October day here: 53 and raining! Feels like home. :) Luckily, Sister McCauley and I have the car today, so we don't have to bike in the rain. Unfortunately, our car share sisters have to bike in the rain... I guess that's how it goes.
This last week we have been trying to get people to take us to see "Meet the Mormons." Our mission president has said we can go if we get a member to take us, and if we can get someone who is not a member or someone who is less-active to go with us. We're working on it, but so far, no dice. If the missionaries in your area have the same restrictions, work on asking someone to join you and take the missionaries with you! The missionaries will love you forever, and might even volunteer to rake your leaves or something. Heck, they'd probably rake your leaves regardless, but they really want to see "Meet the Mormons."
I have I told you about Mohammed? He is a 72 year-old Pakistani man who comes to church every Sunday even though he is not a member. He isn't about to change or convert any time soon, but he looooooooves us. A lot. In fact, he tries to feed us all the time. All. The. Time. And he feeds us ridiculous quantities of food, and keeps pushing it on us. I never know what it is that he is feeding us. There's a significant language barrier, and when I ask what something is called, he moves on to some other topic. Anyway, last time we were there, we had another sister from the ward there, and Mohammed had made a chicken dish (along with 7 other dishes--all of them very spicy! Red Chili spicy!). After we were waaaay overstuffed, Mohammed points to me, "You like the chicken?" Yes, Mohammed, I loved the chicken! Then he points to my companion: "You like the chicken?" Yes, it was very good. Then he points to our team up: "You like the chicken?" Yes, it was delicious! Then he points to the dish of chicken, "Then why there still chicken?" Oh, boy. In fact, I think he has mistaken our appetites for those of boys. More specifically, I think he has confused us with 16 year-old Samoan rugby players. He wants us to eat and eat and eat. He is very sweet and well-meaning. I think he misses his daughters, all of whom still live in Pakistan, and so he thinks he needs to feed us until we pop. I have decided that when I feed the missionaries when I get home, they will be able to dish themselves, and feel free to eat or not eat anything. And if they have just come from a Pakistani household, they don't have to eat anything. They can just sit on the sofa and let food digest while they teach me a lesson.
That said, I am still glad to be here, still working, and still teaching people! I love you all, and I await your emails and letters!
Sister Loradona May

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