Monday, April 7, 2014

Where Sister May is struck silent

Well, transfers came and went without any changes for me, which is good. Change is overrated, right? Besides, Sister Gomez and I are doing well together, which is awesome. We have another round of exchanges starting this week as well as a trip to Omaha, so here's to an amazing set of car rides! Hooray?
So, we know we will be moving sometime this month. We don't know when. Or where. But we are. Last time, the mission office gave the sisters 24 hour notice as to when they could move in, so I fully expect that will happen this time. So I could have a new place this week? Or next week? Or the week after? I have absolutely no idea. 

This week also saw us have to help coordinate transferring sisters and helping them figure out how to get to Omaha and get the new sisters up here. Oy! It's okay, because everyone made it, we're all fine, even if it did decide to snow 6 inches the night before transfers. We got up and there was a lovely, wet layer of snow over everything. We had to go pick up the Hermanas (the Sioux City Spanish Sisters) because their car was in the shop, but one of them was being transferred. So we picked them up in the snow, at 5:45. Then we met up with other sisters at the church, packed them and luggage into two cars and sent them on their way to Omaha for transfers. And then we kept two sisters with us because their companions were gone. What else could we do? Except I had a cold and had no voice, so that was fun. Don't worry--I can talk all I want now! Although I am sure Sister Gomez appreciated my silence for a while. :)

We had a cool experience with a referral this week. We had someone call us and tell us about this family that needs to learn about the gospel, and I could just feel the love that the members had for this family. It made me really want to do my best to teach them and help them feel and understand how this all can change their lives. 

Speaking of life-changing: Conference was amazing, no? I loved President Uchtdorf's talk on gratitude, and something he said really got me thinking. He mentioned something to the effect that if we want increased faith and hope, we need increased gratitude. It also made me think of Moroni 7:4-41ish (maybe 42? Who knows). Anyway, it says that for us to have faith, we need hope. And when we have increased faith and hope, we have hope in the Atonement of Christ. So: increased gratitude will lead to increased faith, which leads to increased hope, which leads us to Christ's Atonement. So, when we have more gratitude, it helps us to have the Atonement more in our lives, which makes me more grateful, and... it's a self-feeding cycle! I love it. 

I love you all, and I wish I could write really long emails to everyone, but alas, time is so short! I love you all and I will send another update next week! In the meantime, feed your gratitude, and your faith will follow!

Sister Loradona May

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