Monday, April 28, 2014

Another Crazy Week in Sioux City!

This week was INSANE, sometimes literally. We had one day where a woman came through the soup kitchen where we volunteer. She had at one point said she wanted to be Mormon and take the lessons... so she could get church welfare. She had then ditched out on a lesson we had set and now her phone number is disconnected, so we're pretty sure she's not going to let us teach her. Well, when we saw her, she: pretended she had never met us (she was also wearing ginormous sunglasses, indoors), called me, "Baby girl," and insisted on a double portion of everything. She then took five desserts, and informed me that the reason she needed 5 desserts was because she was "with child." Y'all, she is 60 if she is a day. If she's "with child," then I have green hair. (I  know you haven't seen me for a while, but here's a hint: I don't.) And then! Then! She came through the line a second, and finally a third time! Each time reminding me of her "condition." Are you kidding me? Oy vey. Sister Gomez and I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry, so we laughed instead. The Elders volunteer there with us, and one of them saw her and said, "Is that...?" We just laughed again. Oh, missionary life!

We also, however, moved officially to South Dakota! It is... a lot like Iowa and Nebraska here. The home we live in is lovely, and very comfortable. We are glad to be here. It is sad that we left the Luebberts, but I am so very grateful for another family to open their home to us and allow us to come live here. Living with members is the best, and such a win-win-win situation! We get to come home to a spirit-filled home with family portraits and pictures of the temple on the wall, the mission saves money on housing, and the members... well, I like to think we bring missionary work and spirit into their home, so that's a bonus, right? We're just trying to be obedient missionaries so that they like us being there and don't find us irritating.

We went on exchanges last week, so we don't have exchanges this week, which is good, because our week is packed. On Tuesday night we have several appointments at the same time, so we'll be going on splits with sisters in the ward--can you believe it? This is actually the first time I have ever gone on splits while a missionary--I don't know if I can leave Sister Gomez! Sob! :) It will be cool, though. We have lots of interesting things going on, including interviews with President Weston, and a trip for training in Omaha on Friday.

We have had some struggles (people dropping us, people not calling back to set up times, people just not accepting the gospel in general) this week, which has been tough. BUT! We had an amazing lesson with a family that so many other families in the ward know and love. They are a beautiful family and so lovely. This gospel would be such a blessing in their lives, but they have a way to go. But let me tell you about the miracle we had in connection with that. We had dinner at a family's home and met their 12 year old daughter, who was a delight and gave us a tour of their ginormous house and was just adorable. The next night we had a lesson with this family, and who should open the door, but the 12 year old girl from the dinner the night before! Turns out, they're good friends! It was perfect because the daughter bore her sweet, simple testimony of Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon. Sometimes a 12 year old's testimony is perfect for new investigators: 12 year olds don't use complicated words or terms, they don't speak longer about things than necessary, or overcomplicate the gospel, or bring up weird doctrinal things that don't matter. They just talk simply about what the gospel means to them, and it's perfect. Members in the ward are already their friends, and it is so amazing to see how excited they all are to have us teaching this family. Which is exactly how it should be: friends of theirs referred them to the missionaries, members in the ward where they reside are their fellowshippers, and we are simply teaching, asking and answering questions, and inviting them to experiment upon the word. Their friends follow up with them! If you can, see if you can do that, too!

Anyway, I am all out of time, but I love you all! Tell me how you are! I'd love to know!

Sister Loradona May
ps--can you believe it's almost May Day? That will mark 1 year since I flew into Omaha!

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