Monday, October 14, 2013

Kearney Continues!

We last left our heroine deep in the wilds of Kearney, Nebraska. What adventures lie in store for her this week? Let us begin our episode where we last saw her: Confused about what was happening with a training in Lincoln!
So. For some reason, we didn't make our own travel plans, but instead, three different sets of Elders were involved in our travel plans? Which meant that no one really knew what we were doing. We were initially told to travel to Lincoln Monday night and stay with one set of Sisters, but then we were told to stay with a different set of Sisters, and then we were told to travel Tuesday morning, and then we threw up our hands and gave up. And just when we gave up, we heard to stay with the second set of sisters on Monday night. Okay, we said, we can do that. We went to where one set of Sisters in Lincoln lives Monday night, and when we arrived, they said we thought we were staying with the other Sisters! Oy. It was fine, though. Just confusing. That's what happens when six people make travel plans, and none of those people are the ones either traveling or providing lodging. Lesson learned: Take deep breaths. Lots of them. And try not to be a basket case.
The training in Lincoln was good, though. We got the chance to see and hear from our mission president, which is always good. Always. Maybe I will learn eventually how not to be a basket case! That would be nice. Anyway, we had a good training, I got to see Sister Stiles again, which was fun, and we all got to enjoy being trained by the Assistants to the President which, again, is always enjoyable.
The rest of the week was really weird--we were able to see a lot of our less-active members and a lot of our recent converts, but teaching people who are new investigators (or even old investigators) was tough. It's like they all went into the witness protection program and we can't quite get a hold of them. Time to find new ones, I think? Time to get to work, is what that means.
We made cookies for a few people this week, and you know what that means: People love us! Whenever you make cookies, people have a softer place in their hearts for you. We hope.
We had more dinners with members last week, which was good, but it's the same four families every ding dong time. So let me just say: If it's been a while since you've fed the missionaries, feed them. Buy them a pizza. Something. It makes them feel loved. But what they really love is eating in your home. I guarantee it.
Don't get me wrong--I'm not starving! But eating with members allows you to feel like a part of the family. And that's sometimes something missionaries miss. Not me of course--I miss no one! I have a heart of cold, cold stone! But other missionaries miss people. Me? I throw darts at your pictures. I'm kidding! Kidding! I miss you all. There are no darts. But I'm serious about the meals.
This week is transfers, but it's a little wonky--instead of finding out on Thursday and transfer on Friday, we find out Tuesday and transfer on Wednesday. Tuesday is tomorrow, people! I'm fairly certain I'm staying put, since I'm still training Sister Gulledge. But you never know. I can make no predictions! So you'll just have to wait until next week to find out.

The strange schedule means that we're having district meeting on Tuesday this week, which will mean if people are getting transferred, we'll know at district meeting and we'll get to say our good byes. We know for sure we're getting a new Zone Leader, because one of them is going home. But other than that, I know of nothing! But I'm looking forward to district meeting--they're always good. And as far as I know, I won't be training! I will, however, get to speak in church on Sunday, so you know, that's awesome. Topic? I don't know! I get to choose it apparently, so that's new and unusual. Have I chosen it yet? Nope. Hopefully I'll get it sorted out soon.
Anyway, I love you all, and I hope you all have a lovely Columbus Day or Canadian Thanksgiving, whichever you prefer to celebrate today!
Sister Loradona May

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