Monday, October 28, 2013

Another Week Down!

Hola, familia!
I just like Spanish. It's fun. That has nothing to do with the rest of my letter. Or my week. Which was a good one! Did you all know that tomorrow is the date where I have a year remaining on my mission? Can you believe it? I think that's ridiculous. I feel like I've been gone for, maybe, 2 months. Not 6. Anyway, tomorrow is also our Zone Conference in Grand Island, NE, which my companion says is a weird name for a town that is neither Grand nor an Island. She makes me laugh. Also, I was asked yesterday to accompany some people for a musical number. I just got the music, oh, an hour or so ago, and I haven't yet played it, so say a prayer for me? I'm a little bit nervous. Sometimes I wonder why I said yes.... sigh. I'm a sucker, that's why...
But this week has been amaaaaazing! Our Tuesday was rock and roll. We went tracting and found a handful of new investigators--hooray! And then we got to go bowling with the FHE group because a less-active member was going. Then it turned out that some other people we'd been dying to meet were going, and then another girl brought a non-member friend, and it was the most fun I've had on my mission, hands down. I've got an awesome picture of me  in a skirt and bowling shoes. I'm classy; what can I say? I'll send it as soon as I can.
Then we started to have lessons with people this week, and then we went and stacked more hay! And I have photographic evidence this time! Hooray! I will get those sent, and then you can see me sitting on some alfalfa. After the service, we had a dinner appointment, and we went straight there in our grubby clothes and alfalfa in our hair (and maybe teeth? I will neither confirm nor deny). We asked to change in their bathroom, and when I did, I left bits of alfalfa everywhere. Oops. I offered to sweep, and Sister Hall just laughed at me. I think she thought it was charming that I was worried about some grass when she has several small kids running about, and grass bits are the least of her worries most days.
We also were able to help the Elders out by inviting one of the members they've been working with to Institute--and then he came! It was awesome! He said he hadn't been to church in 14ish years, and it was just awesome that he was there. Some days, it feels like life is amazing. There are definitely reasons why I am here in Kearney right now. There are people that need my example (such as it is) and who I am, and while the work is still hard, it is gratifying to know that Heavenly Father's plan is working. I am doing the things I need to do, and there are little things every day that help me remember why I'm here and doing those things.
Yesterday was Stake Conference, and President and Sister Weston came and spoke! I wasn't expecting to see them, but it was great! I love them, and it was good to see them. I get to see them tomorrow at Zone Conference, too, so I feel extra special. Also, I told Sister Weston (and I keep forgetting to tell you, too) that my foot is 100% better, in case anyone was worried still. Sister Weston was, and so I am glad I remembered to mention it to her.
Also, at conference there were 3 youth-ish speakers. 2 were youth, and 1 was a convert of almost 6 months from the YSA branch, and all of them were powerful. Their talks were probably my favorite of the entire session, and they each talked about their conversion, in a way. Of course, the recent convert talked about his conversion and how he came to realize he was supposed to join the church. One young woman talked about how she learned to turn to the gospel and prayer to be reactivated in church, and then the third young woman talked about how Seminary has influenced her life and conversion. She was funny--She talked about how when she used to read Jacob 5, "I was, like, 80 pages about trees! Why would you spend 80 pages on trees?" And then she realized, through Seminary, that it wasn't really about trees.
I think that's a lot of life--things happen to us, and we focus on them superficially. "Why am I reading 80 pages about trees right now?" we wonder. We think that it's a waste to spend that time on 80 pages of trees. Instead, if we look at them in a different way, suddenly it isn't 80 pages about trees, but one brief chapter where we can learn so much about what we need to do and who we are. So stop complaining about 80 pages of trees and focus on why Heavenly Father asks to to read those pages!
Nebraska continues to be lovely, if cold and windy. No snow yet, and I am not complaining--not in the least! Snow can hold off for quite a while, thank you very much! I think the snow will be pretty--at first. And then I will be bored of it. I will want to just fast forward to Spring. But hey, just like you can't fast forward through 80 pages of trees, you can't fast forward through winter. Instead, just think lots of warm thoughts about me, and maybe that will keep me warm? I'm just glad I only have one winter that I have to wear skirts through. Seriously, whoever thought skirts in winter was a good idea should be put in the stocks.
I love you and can't wait to hear from you all again soon! Wish me lots of luck and blessings as I play the piano tomorrow!
Sister Loradona May

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