Saturday, October 12, 2013

In Which I Serve

So. First of all, everything I was going to write flew out of my head because I opened my email to see a million and one photographs of baby Craig! How fun is that? I'll answer that: Amazingly fun! I love the pictures and I love getting them in emails and in letters. They make my day! Plus I have fun showing them to the other missionaries, so that's awesome.
This week has been good. We still struggle with what to do when it gets dark and we don't have appointments. Only a few of the members live in Kearney proper, so that makes drop ins difficult, and we keep trying to make appointments first for the evening hours, but that's hard, too. But we must be doing good work, regardless, because the Branch President asked us to go visit a friend of his. So I take that as a good sign.
We still struggle getting investigators to church. We're working on it. I really want some to come this Sunday to conference. You all should invite people to conference! It would be cool! Plus, just think: We will all be watching conference together, no matter where we are! It makes me think of the little mouse from An American Tail--sniff! That song always gets me.
This weekend we did service pretty much all day on Saturday. It started at 4 am so we could be at the University of Nebraska Kearney by 5 to help set up for the local Race for the Cure. The bishop of the family ward was the director of the race, so he conscripted all 6 of us missionaries into  service for him--and we were happy to do it! Plus, we all got free t-shirts out of the deal--score! I love a free t-shirt.
It was also freeeeeezing! Not literally. But it was 47, which was the coldest it's been yet. The day warmed up, but not while we were putting up signs along the race route and carrying cases of bottled water around. My fingers were a little cold. But it was good.
Then we got to help tear everything down. So, you know, life moves on!
Afterward, we went home and had a lunchtime nap (or was it a naptime lunch? I don't know. You decide) and then studied for a bit before heading out to help an investigator and her member boyfriend pack up and move. So we basically stayed in service clothes all day long, until it was finally time to shower and go to the Relief Society broadcast. Which was, naturally, awesome. I hope my mother and sisters went (hint hint?). Because it was good.
Also, this week, we had some success with tracting. A little bit, anyway. We've been doing a lot of it because, what else do we have to do when we don't have people to teach? We have to try to find people on our own. Now, here's a reminder: tracting is the least effective way to find people who need to know about the gospel. Plus it can get discouraging when people don't really want to  know more. The most effective way is when people invite people they already know to come to church or to meet with missionaries. Just invite people. Don't make it more difficult than it has to be; just ask people. That's all missionaries do. Here's an article that might help you:
I found it while reading old Ensigns this week and I immediately thought how much people need to just relax about missionary work and not make it a big deal. Just ask people, and if they say no, no big deal. It will be fine!
I feel like I talk about that all the time. Sorry if I get boring. I am doing well, though! I just keep working. Nothing else to do, is there? Just know that I love you all, and I can't wait to hear from you all more. To quote Sister Baird: Whopdeedoo, the Gospel's true!
Sister Loradona May

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