Saturday, October 12, 2013

Checking in for another week!

So: Life in Kearney is good. We have an investigator set for baptism in October, but he didn't come to church on Sunday, which just about broke my heart. Just come to church people! I'd like to take this opportunity to quote Cab Calloway from the Blues Brothers: "You boys could use a little churchin' up. You get wise; you get to church!" That's truth, folks. Truth.
We visited some folks in Grand Island this week, had a district meeting, and met someone who is a professional fighter. We told him he might be the awesomest person we've met yet, and he told us how his front teeth are all fake. Fun times in Kearney! We also, you know, talked to him about the Book of Mormon and how that is probably the most important thing he'll read.
We also gave out approximately eleventy bajillion copies of the Book of Mormon this week so we can work on following up with people and helping them to learn more about the gospel.
The weather is starting to turn towards fall, which is kind of lovely. I adore fall! The leaves are beautiful, and it kind of reminds me of Oregon--the mornings are cool, the skies are blue, and by afternoon it's sunny and warm! Hallelujah! (Well, that was what it was like yesterday, anyhow).
We have done a LOT of random knocking and tracting this week. It's hard, but it's good. And I am gradually overcoming my fear of knocking on a door and asking people to read the book of Mormon. It's hard to do, you know? In fact, my fear of tracting was a large reason why I decided that a mission was not for me when I was 21. Mission? Tracting? Who wants to do THAT? Well, I still don't want to do tracting, but it doesn't scare me anymore, either. I think it's a big reason why help from church members is integral--it's so much easier to go up to someone and say, "Hey, you know Sally Jones? She was thinking about you, and how much she values your friendship, and she thought we should share our message with you" than to knock on a door and say, "Hey, you don't know me, and this is crazy, but read this book, and call me, maybe?" (HA! I crack myself up sometimes.) So. If you have a friend, acquaintance, or neighbor, ask them over and invite the missionaries. Share some ice cream all around, and then talk about Jesus, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. And if nothing comes of it but a nice discussion while you eat ice cream, that's fine. At least you had some delicious ice cream! But you never know: something more might happen. You should all pray for an idea of whom you could invite to eat ice cream and meet your missionaries. It's a good idea. Besides, I can bear testimony to you that missionaries like ice cream, but lessons in a member's home are even better.
Ahem, where was I? In Kearney! You know who else was in Kearney this weekend? My mission president and his wife! President and Sister Weston came to Kearney on the invitation of one of the ward members? I forget exactly why, but it was great. I love seeing the Westons. And President Weston just cares for us so much. He wants to inspire us and help us to teach. And Sister Weston is just the best Mission Mom ever! (Don't worry, Mom, you're not being replaced! Just supplemented!) It's great to see her and get a Mom Hug from her and just feel how much they love us. And then they spoke to the Kearney Ward and the YSA Branch in a combined Sacrament Meeting, and it was great. I was reminded of why I am here: I love the gospel, I love the people, so why not combine the two so that the people I love can have the gospel? To go back to my obsession with ice cream, it's like saying, I love brownies, and I love ice cream, so let's combine them! Yay! I was also reminded of the scripture in 1 John (I think) that says that perfect love casts out fear. As I love people and the gospel, my fear (remember my fear of tracting?) is cast out. Take THAT! Hi-yah!
Basically, Kearney is lovely and wonderful. I'm still trying to work out how best to find people and work with the members, but it's good.

Today I am going shopping for a coat and perhaps a few other winter items. I bought a sweater at Goodwill last week, so that's one down! Today we are off to the mall to see if there are any other items to be had! Like a coat. Or maybe boots. I can't wait until I am ready for the snow, then perhaps I won't worry about my lack of a coat.
Seriously, people, I love you. You are some good family. Take care of each other, call each other, and I will try to write some letters today to send out! Wish me luck!
Sister Loradona May

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