Monday, July 1, 2013


Hello my family!

I miss you all, and I look forward to your letters and emails soooooo much. Thank you for sending them to me. Speaking of which: I need more pictures of adorable children. The end.

This week has been an odd one. We've been mostly trying to meet the members of the ward still, and that has been good, but we also wanted to teach investigators... One of them got sick and has not been available to teach, two others are kind of avoiding us, and another... well, she doesn't much care for us... but she likes what we teach? It's confusing. That's okay. We're working on it. 

One of my favorite things I saw this week was on a door of a family in the ward. There was a sign that said, "Beware of Dog." A small handwritten note underneath the sign said, "The ferrets are pretty shady too."" Bwahahahaha! Sister Stiles and I had a really good laugh over that one. Apparently the daughter, who has two ferrets, added the addendum. 

Also, I made Sister Stiles laugh so hard that she tripped and skinned her knee. Oops, but also hilarious. Note: Do not make your companion laugh so hard she trips. It isn't nice. Note 2: There is no graceful way to fall in a skirt. Note 3: There is no graceful way to get up from falling while wearing a skirt. Basically, skirts make life awkward.

Also awkward? There is a North Platte District, but Sister Stiles and I are in the Lexington District. Use Google maps to see the distance between North Platte and Lexington. It takes us over an hour to get to our district meeting, when if we were in the North Platte district, it would take 2 minutes if we drove, or 15 minutes if we walked. I know why they did it, though (I think). I think it's so we can be in a district that has another set of sisters, Sister Anderson and Sister Rasmussen in Holdredge. Our district leader is Elder Rasmussen in Lexington, and it is funny to have an Elder and Sister Rasmussen in the same district. They are not related, which is unsurprising considering the proliferation of the name Rasmussen. I only find it interesting because of my own sister Rasmussen. :)

I love our district, though. They are all nice people, though it is smaller than my last district. My last district had 3 sets of Elders and 3 sets of Sisters, and it just felt so much bigger! It's good, though. 

I'm trying to think if there's anything else worth saying... Our bishop is trying to fatten us up. Sister Marshall, whom we live with, was out of town for a few days to visit her mother, and so we stayed with the Bishop and his wife. Each night we arrived to their home to find candy bars awaiting our arrival. It is very sweet (see what I did there?). 

Life is good. No one told me what the temperature was last week (it's okay, I forgive you), but this week was much nicer, and this morning it was around 70ish. Ahh! Bliss! Supposedly, the 4th is going to be around 76. I'll believe it when I see (feel?) it. 

How is life for you all out there? I miss you all and think about you frequently. Give everyone hugs from me!

Also: remember that obedience is happiness. I was reading in Ether this morning, and When the people are obedient, they are prosperous, peaceful, and happy. When they are wicked, they have divisions, wars, and unhappiness. Just do the right thing, and happiness will follow. 

I love you!


Sister Loradona May

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