Wednesday, June 26, 2013

North Platte Says Hello!

Hello, family! Thank you one and all for all of the exciting emails and information, especially about Joel! Here's to hoping he is one relaxed and happy baby!
Our week has been nuts. We have basically been going through our ward list and meeting everyone. Sometimes we meet people that are a little odd, but that's okay. I love that we are here, and the ward is great! They are so loving and helpful and our Bishop is always helping us out. He gave us a referral our first day, and we are teaching her right now. It is cool! We just hope that she begins to make choices that will be good for her.
We live right by a big corn field and a big wheat field, so it is really pretty, even if we have been having nightly thunder storms (which, let's face it: I love them!).
So I hope you all googled to figure out where North Platte is because it is the furthest west area in the mission, I believe. But the people are soooo nice. One ward member described living in North Platte as living 40 years ago: low crime, friendly, small community, full of love! It's true.
We are working well with the Elders here, and just trying not to double up on people. We had a moment last night where Sister Stiles and I were about to drive up to a family's house, and just as we turn down the street, we see the Elders knocking on their door! Ooops. We just drove by, like the creepers we are. It was okay, though, because we had someone else to visit, and it turned out really well.  It's just going to take some figuring out who to go see so they don't get surrounded by missionaries all at once.
Oh, and a note about the weather: Someone should tell me how hot it ACTUALLY got on Thursday/Friday. The temperature gauge in the car said 122 at one point, and I declared it to be broken. Then on Saturday, it said 88, which seemed realistic, and we wondered how hot it actually was.
North Platte is definitely lower in humidity than Omaha, which is nice, but, hey, it's still humid. Just not quite as bad. It's worse when a storm is headed in, but I like storms, so I almost forgive Nebraska for that.

Did everyone see the missionary broadcast Sunday night? If not, you need to watch it. I think it will be on Watch it! It's pretty inspiring.
I feel like I had other stuff to say, but it's all gone right now. Out of my brain! Just know I love you, I love what I'm doing, and the only time I hate it is when someone texts us at 2:30 in the morning. Yeah, you know me and sleep. When it's interrupted, I want to commit homicide.
Keep the letters/emails coming. I love them and I love you! Life is good and I hope you are all good, too!
Sister Loradona May

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