Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another Week on the Platte!

I'm a little behind in posting Loradona's letters. This came July 15th.
So... This week has been busy, but this upcoming week will be busier!

We met one new investigator whose cousin is a member. Her cousin told her that if she has the missionaries over, she has to feed them, so we're going to her house for dinner next week! Awesome! Which reminds me: Feed the missionaries. They love it. And then help them find people to teach. They will then love YOU! 

We have still been working to find people on the ward list, sometimes with more success than others. And we're working through a list of referrals from the Elders, which is good.

This week is going to be nuts: We have a training meeting in Grand Island tomorrow (about 3 hours away), then district meeting in Lexington on Wednesday (over an hour away), then Exchanges with the Kearney Sisters (about an hour and a half away). So we're totally going to be crazy by the end of the week. Aaaaand all of this will likely use all of our miles, too. Sigh. We're trying to be conservative with our car and only drive when we have to, but when it's 105 outside, your desire to walk everywhere is greatly diminished, and your will to live almost evaporates entirely. I try to think chilly thoughts, like Alaskan tundra kind of thoughts, but I haven't decided if it helps or not. 

We stopped in at the local food pantry this week to see if we could arrange to volunteer. I don't know if we will, but we arrived just as their delivery truck did, so we were able to help unload the goods and put them on the shelves, so that's something, right? 

Today we helped a sister in the ward to prepare for her family's vacation by helping do laundry. Here's to hoping that we get blessings for helping her on our P day! I have a terrible time saying no, and I just couldn't say no to her especially. I'm just glad she trusted us to ask us. 

On Sunday we ended up attending both wards in North Platte, and then we taught Relief Society for the 2nd Ward. We were pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. But that much church is a lot, even for a missionary. And none of our investigators came to church, which really bummed us out. It's hard when you know that something will help someone's life, and they just don't follow through with it. 

I wish I had more to say, but sometimes I feel like every thought flies right out of my head and I don't know where it goes! By the time I get home, I think to myself, "I know what I wanted to tell the family!" But by then it's too late. I feel like all of my best thoughts never get to you all. Just know that I love you and miss you, but that I am also doing well and am quite happy. 

Here's an award for the week: The Garage Sale Award goes to North Platte, NE, for having a bajillion garage sales on Saturday despite the obnoxious heat. 

Speaking of which, North Platte also wins the Obnoxious Heat award. People say it's less humid than Omaha, which I suppose must be true, but the humidity still killllllllllls me! 

Transfers are next week, which I suppose is fine. I don't think I'm going anywhere, but I honestly have no predictions. I just go where I'm supposed to. So I guess the "Speedy Gonzalez Award" for a quickly moving mission goes to Nebraska Omaha Mission! I feel like my time is just whizzing by, but then I think about it and say, "Chill out! You still have 16 months (ish) left! But it still feels fast. 

I love you all, miss you all, and wish I could see you all! So just send me pictures instead, and I shall be happy.

Sister May

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