Saturday, July 27, 2013

Life in North Platte

I'm a little behind in posting Loradona's letters. This one came July 22nd.
This week has been interesting. We have tried so hard to teach lessons to investigators with members of the ward with us, but either ward members aren't available, or when we get one, the person cancels. Sigh. So here's my encouragement to you: Go with the missionaries when they ask. Or volunteer to go. Say, "I can go with you Tuesday evening. Do you have people to teach that night?" They will love you for it. I promise. And then drive them. It saves their miles.
The weather continues to have its ups and downs. I feel a little in the dark about what is going on in the outside world and in the weather. We just get dressed for what we think might happen and then roll with it. Yesterday, the morning started out 64 and rainy (yessss!), but the day ended with 95 and sunny. How do you even plan for that?

Speaking of plans... Some things happen even when you don't plan for them. Like when you are leaving a member's apartment, and then a guy stops you and your companion, and it's totally apparent that he is less than sober, but he's very nice, and then he calls you Sister Amy because he can't quite read your tag, and then tells you that you should marry the Elders, but then tells you you shouldn't because that would be a waste, and then when you shake his hand as you leave, he wrangles it in to kissing your hand. Yeah, that happened. Sister Stiles and I held it together until we had walked around the corner, and then we burst out laughing. Sometimes things happen that you never imagine! When we told our Ward Mission Leader about it, he told us to be careful and safe, so don't worry--we're being looked after. And we are being safe; I promise. 

We went to Grand Island for a training meeting on Tuesday, which was great! We were trained by President and Sister Weston and the APs. And I got to see more Sisters in one place than I have in six weeks. It was wonderful! President Weston said that if we want friends in North Platte, we need to find them a place to live with members. We're trying! We'd really like to have friends out here, and by friends I mean other Sisters. It would make P Day a little more exciting. 

We also had exchanges with the Kearney Sisters. (Have I told you that out here, they pronounce Kearney "Carney"? It's so strange to me!) That was pretty cool, especially since one of the Kearney Sisters is Sister Youngberg, whom you may recall from such shows as "It's the MTC!" 

And then on Sunday, I sang in church. Sister Stiles wrangled me and Elder Riley into singing while she played her own arrangement of a medley of "Abide With Me Tis Eventide" and "Homeward Bound." We actually sounded good. :) We tried to use it as a way to invite people to come to sacrament meeting, but none of our investigators came. Some less active members came, which was nice, but I just keep hoping that we can finally get an investigator to come, dangit! 

This week is transfers, which will be Friday. I don't think we're going anywhere, but you never know. I can't make a prediction about anything because I have no idea what is going on. I know we're getting new zone leaders because one is going home and the other is going to be an AP, but other than that, I have no idea. If you want to send me letters this week, I might recommend sending them to the mission office rather than my address in North Platte this week, just in case. 

Also, I highly recommend sending me letters, pictures, emails, whatever. It makes me happy! Also, it helps me to know what to write if people ask questions, otherwise I just ramble about transfers and getting kissed on the hand (which, I must admit, was another banner day in Nebraska. I know you are all jealous!). 

I love you all!


Sister Loradona May

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