Monday, July 8, 2013

Hellooooo family!

Hellooooo family!
We had an interesting week! I got a new (to me) black skirt at the local Goodwill for $3.50, so that was awesome. Then, sadly, we had to bid adieu to an investigator. I'm only mildly sad about it, mostly because things got really weird, and then she was mad at us, but not? But then mad again, and we just had to say goodbye.
Oh, and Happy 4th of July! We did not get to see fireworks, because we were supposed to be in at 6. Sad. We ended up getting back a little late, because we had a dinner at a member's house, and not only do they live a little ways out of town, but the barbecue ran late. Oh well. It was delicious, and we got to meet the Branch President of one of the local branches in the stake. Also something to be excited about: the homemade ice cream. Yum! You should all be jealous. Also: croquet.
On Saturday, Sister Stiles and I were going about our business when we received a call from the Zone Leaders, who happen to be the Elders in the neighboring ward. Were we busy? they asked. Could we come help volunteer at a Gospel Fest Revival Thingy in town? Apparently, they had met some folks in the WalMart who were running the event, and the Elders volunteered to help. Then they needed more volunteers, so all six North Platte missionaries went and helped out at a Christian church event. It was awesome and kind of funny, too. At the very beginning, before things were even started, some guy came up and started freaking out that there were Mormons there. He was yelling at the Elders and Sister Stiles (I was about 10 feet away, and I chose to ignore him completely). He wasn't looking to convince us, or anybody else--He just wanted to yell at us. One of the event organizers came up and started yelling at the Crabby Man to cut it out or leave, and it was all just too surreal. One of our Zone Leaders just shook his head and said to me, "That never happens!" It was a good day, regardless, and we found out some funny news yesterday from President and Sister Marshall, whom we live with: Apparently, there had been a news crew at the event, and both the Elders and Sister Stiles and I were on the news spot. HA! Apparently, we were the only people the spot really focused on (visually anyway), and I guess you could only see Sister Stiles and I from the back, but you could see the elders from the front and see their nametags. I just thought it was so hilarious!
On Sunday a woman we'd been teaching cancelled coming to church, which was sad. She needs a ride, and we line rides up for her... and she cancels. I'm glad she calls us, but it is sad and frustrating that she isn't coming. She likes what we teach, and she feels good about it, but getting her to commit to coming to church is hard.
At church, the primary lessons were on missionary work, and Sister Stiles and I went and spoke to one class about being missionaries. On our way back to Relief Society, we ran into a class of 4 year-olds who were wearing black name tags and were looking for people to "teach," so we let them teach us. It was so cute!
Okay, all, I love you, and I will be going for now. I think that the only award I have for this week is for Nebraska, for Most Obnoxious Heat Wave. Ugh. The end. It's supposed to last the rest of the week, and it's times like this that I miss the beach the most. Some one go there for me, okay? Hugs and kisses, especially to the nieces and nephew (!).
Sister Loradona May

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