Wednesday, June 4, 2014


So. We may or may not be down to our last 90ish miles for the week, so Sister Larson and I may or may not be walking a lot. You determine the truth. But, it has led to some interesting experiences.
Experience the First: We were walking to help someone out when we walk by a couple on the street. The guy asks, "Why are you all dressed up?" Because we're missionaries! "You have a book, don't you guys?" Yep, we sure do! Would you like one? "Yeah!" We have an appointment with the girl tomorrow (I think it was tomorrow, so let's hope I wrote it down right), so walking isn't all bad...
... but it isn't all good either. Experience the Second: We were out walking yesterday after church (we were able to get a ride to church, and a ride to dinner in the evening, but in between church and dinner? Walking.), and the wind starts to blow. The clouds get dark. The rain begins to fall. The lightning begins to strike, and we begin to decide our current plan is maybe less good than we thought. So we walked to the nearest member's house, where they let us in, give us towels, and let us sit on their couch and watch Legacy until the person giving us a ride arrives. So even the "bad" wasn't all bad, either.
We went on exchanges, and there is one Sister serving in Columbus, NE where we went who is a native Spanish speaker. She has been serving in Spanish areas until now, and now she is serving as the Spanish half of a Spanish/English companionship. She let me know she had never contacted a referral in English before and didn't know how. So we talked about how to do it and then... we went and did it! She was nervous (and I might have been, too; hey, it wasn't my area!), but we did it, and got his phone number and had a good interchange, so it was fun.
I feel like other things happened, but I can't remember what.
In other news, I just emailed back and forth with Cliff in Afghanistan--how cool is that? I'll answer: really cool! Anyway, I love you all and I hope you all have missionary experiences this week! I know I will!
Sister Loradona May

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