Monday, June 9, 2014

Tornados and gumdrops!

We had some really cool experiences this week, including almost getting hit by lightning! Hooray? We were on foot (yep, saving car miles by walking miles with our feet (not piggies!)), and the sky turned dark, it first started to sprinkle, then to rain, then to pour. We had begun heading towards our car at the insistence of a potential investigator whose door we had knocked on, and when we were still 10+ blocks away, a bolt of lightning hit about 2 blocks away. The crack of thunder was deafening, and Sister Larson and I took off running! The nearest member's house was about 3 blocks away, so we headed there and... she wasn't home. So we sat on her porch until she arrived. In the meantime, we saw a guy running across the street in nothing but boxer shorts and tennis shoes. We laughed really hard at that one. When the member came home, her 7 year old daughter told us that looking at the man with no shirt on was a sin. "That's a sin!" she exclaimed. "If you stared, that's a sin!" Sister Larson and I laughed, and then ate their gumdrops. So, you know, life is okay! 

We also had some tornado warnings, and a member even showed us a picture of one of the tornadoes on her phone. It wasn't big, but it was still a tornado! Crazy, eh? And that night we had a dinner in the area where the tornadoes were, but it was sunny and cheery as ever. Who knows. Life here is weird. But it is also awesome! Our new ward mission leader is the former stake president, and he is so excited about missionary work--I love it! He set up an appointment and went with us to meet a new referral, who are now our new investigators! Without him, though, it would never have happened. It was because of him and his relationship with the husband of the couple that allowed us to set a return appointment. Otherwise, it would never have happened. The wife is very interested, but the husband is too stuck on his smoking, coffee, and beer habits. He even mentioned--several times--about liking beer as a reason he could never join, and offered us some (jokingly, of course), I think as a way to try and deter us. But because of our ward mission leader who was there, they (but especially he) were willing to let us back. The husband reminds me a lot of Grandpa Nylund. So basically, he is my favorite person ever. :) 

We also had the chance to go down to Omaha for Mission leadership Council, which was excellent as usual. We are trying to do our best, and the council and counsel (see what I did there?) help me to feel a little better about the work I am doing, even when there isn't a ton of success. Because sometimes it isn't about you. In fact, it usually isn't (But wait, I thought it was all about me...?). It's about doing what Heavenly Father needs you to do. So I am working on doing what he needs me to do. Will you also work on doing what he needs you to do? Pray about it and find out what he wants, and then go do it! You'll have an amazing experience, I promise!

I love you! Keep writing letters! I still have a while to go, so don't forget about me!

Sister Loradona May

PS: the picture I have attached is of my district before Sister Gomez was transferred. Back row (for anyone who cares), L-R: E. Harrison (one Zone Leader), E. Blanck (in our ward), E. Paddock, E. French (Also in our ward), E. Shipley (our district leader), and E. Pulver (our other zone leader). Front row, L-R: S. Gomez, Me, Hna. Pocock (who came out with me), and Hna. Thompson (who will go home with me). Enjoy! Love you all!

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