Monday, June 16, 2014

Miracles can happen...

This was our week of miracles! It was pretty cool. We first of all had a dinner cancel right off the bat on Monday. Sad way to start the week... until an investigator invited us to dinner that night! It was really cool. We had a super good lesson with them, and we hope to continue helping them move towards baptism. We shall see! We also had dinners with less active members and other investigators this week, which was really cool.
Our biggest miracle came on Friday. We had exchanges with the Spanish Sisters, and I went with Hermana Thompson to our area. We had fasted and prayed that morning for two goals: a baptismal set for us, and a new investigator for them. We went out to drop in on people and go tracting, and as we did so, we found a new Spanish investigator for them! We continued to work and were able to meet and teach other people, but at the end of the evening, in fact our last chance to set someone for baptism, we were driving by an apartment complex where an investigator lives, and he was outside. So we stopped and talked with him. Then we asked if we could read from the Book of Mormon with him, and he ran inside to grab his book. While he was inside, Hna. Thompson and I figured out which chapter we wanted to read with him: Mosiah 18. We read it with him, and then we asked him if that was how he felt, if he felt like he wanted to bear others' burdens and support them and keep the commandments. He said he did. Then Hna. Thompson asked if he would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by the priesthood authority. He said he'd been thinking about it already, and he thought his birthday would be a nice day to do something like that. When's his birthday we ask? July 26. So you all should pray for him and that he can follow through on his desire to be baptized. He has a lot to change, but with prayer and the Atonement, nothing's impossible. He's a nice guy, and he has sincere desires. He's been to church 4 times, but he hasn't stayed for all three hours yet. He's shy and I think Priesthood scares him a little. :) But he has a fellowshipper--someone he wants to baptize him!--and we reminded him yesterday that his friend could sit by him and could help him through Elders' Quorum. He looked surprised, like he'd forgotten that it was a possibility. 

We also had monster rains on Saturday night. We went back to teach him and his girlfriend, and he had great questions and took notes. When we went to drive home, the roads were full of rain, but we didn't realize how full until we had already driven a block and drove into a deep puddle. We were already in middle of it and decided just to go forward and made it! Whew! It was pretty intense. And we were just two blocks from the Missouri River, so all the water was heading that way. It was really dark and rainy, but we made it home, safe and sound! So: a big thanks for all of your prayers. I have to go, but I love you and hope you all have a great week with your own miracles!

Sister Loradona May

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