Monday, May 12, 2014

Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles!

Just FYI for the rest of you: we were able to Google Hangout with Loradona, her brother Clifford at Fort Dix in New Jersey and her sister Jeanette in Calgary Canada. So when she says that it was "Awesome to see you" you know that she really did see us.

So, I know we just talked yesterday (I love you all and it was awesome to see you!), but I still have things I didn't share, mostly because I forgot. Eh. So here goes:

We went on exchanges in Le Mars, IA, Ice Cream Capital of the World! (That's their motto.) Yes, I did get to have some ice cream, but it was cooler than that. There has been a big push in the mission to have at least one investigator set for baptism, and as we thought about the result we wanted to have from our exchange, Sister Gomez and I knew we wanted to leave them with someone set for baptism. So we called them and discussed it with them, and they decided this was a good goal. We fasted with them the morning before our exchange, and then the morning of the exchange we studied Mosiah 18 with them. Then we exchanged! Sister Wilson (one of the Le Mars Sisters) and I went and did service, and asked people if they would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized, and... no one said yes. But that's okay! President Weston has said that if we get three "no"s a day, we will have someone set for baptism. But when we met up with Sister Gomez and Sister Bertrand (Sister Wilson's companion), they had asked someone and they had accepted a baptismal date! It was really neat, because they went to see a family where one of them is not a member, and they've been going through some trials lately. They shared a gospel message with them, and people really felt the Spirit, so when Sister Bertrand asked if he would be baptized, he agreed. It was just a really neat experience where we were able to fast, pray, and then act in faith to see a miracle. That area is a tough area: it is 20-30ish miles outside of Sioux City, which is where the church building is, and it has only had missionaries for about 11 months, so they have been building the area from zero investigators to 10ish, and they have worked so hard for this. It made for a really cool experience for us and for them to see prayers answered in such a direct way.

We have had some good days in the past week, and it has been great to be out working. We have transfers this week (in fact, we find out about transfer news on Thursday. Happy Birthday!), but we hope that things go well. We have a lot of really busy days, and we don't really have time to get transferred, so we hope neither of us does get transferred. We just don't have time to drive to Omaha! :)
Anyway, I love you all to teeny tiny bits, and I will write again next week! In the meantime, prayerfully determine a blessing you would like, then fast and pray for it, and then act in faith to make it happen. And watch how Heavenly Father blesses you!

Sister Loradona May

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