Monday, March 3, 2014

And the winner is...

ME! That's right folks, I won Stick Pull. I may even have a medal (and the pulled muscle) to prove it. The most important part though is to remember: I'm a winner.

We had an excellent zone conference this week, and it was in Sioux City, so we didn't have to travel for it. Hurrah! But it was so good. We had all sorts of training on how to become Preach My Gospel Missionaries. I may suggest you all read Elder Bednar's talk on "Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary." It's cool. 

Also cool about this week? The temperature. It has snowed several inches, been mostly in the negatives (though this morning it was 3, and the weather report claims it will be 40ish on Thursday. I'm not sure I believe it). Anyway, I've been learning to love the cold, or at least lie to myself that I love it. And I have been wearing my Canadian mittens daily. They are quite warm, so I thank Jeanette and Kyler for those. 

In other fun news, I got to visit three states in one day! We had a lesson in each state! We had a meal in South Dakota, then a lesson in Nebraska, and then another in Iowa. Basically, I am such the world traveler. Aren't you all jealous? 

Also, we got grounded on Saturday due to snow. We were at the church helping with food orders when we got the news. So we were stuck. But there was a wedding that needed help, so we decorated all day. And then we helped at the reception for a while. And thank goodness for members who bought us lunch and helped us get back home. The only really sad thing was that the Rasmussens (Fred and LaNae, you know, Connie's folks) had arranged to feed us since they're close, but we had to cancel, which was such a bummer. We're hoping to reschedule so I can say hello! But it was a blessing to the sister who was planning all the decorations for the wedding, because she really needed some extra hands to help with everything, and we were able to provide the help she needed. 

We struggled to get all the lessons we wanted in this week, which was tough for us. But we had a blessing last night when we were teaching a lesson and a member came by! It helped us out, and, as Sister Gomez says, it's always nice when members catch you doing missionary work! We had really been praying for the chance to have more lessons with members, and this really helped us out.

This week we're going to be out of Sioux City for a chunk of the week. We have two exchanges outside of Sioux City, and then a meeting in Omaha on Friday. Oy. Say good bye to all of our miles, folks.... It's okay, though. I'm sure we will have a good week and that many wonderful things will happen. 

I love you all and I will email another update next week! In the meantime, here's a picture!

Sister May

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