Monday, February 10, 2014

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...

So, winter finally arrived this week. By which I mean that on Tuesday it snowed and blowed, and Yesterday it snowed (less blowing, though), and our cars got grounded for the majority of the day! That was fun...
We got to do service at a museum in Grand Island for a fundraiser. They do a Pioneer Princess Party, where all of these little girls and their mommies (and sometimes a very dedicated daddy) come and get glitter face paint, pink cookies, pictures with Miss Nebraska, and all sorts of silliness. Sister Muasau and I were helping in the "Tea Party" room, pouring soda and putting tiny pink frosted cookies on plates for the servers to take to the "princesses." It was all unbearably cute and pink. I think Lilia would have loooooved it.
We also helped round up all the YSAs to go to the UNK talent show to see a couple of the members of the branch perform--and one of them won! He's one of my favorite people, and I couldn't have been happier that he won. We got to meet his parents and they were so pleased to see how the YSA branch had turned out to support their son. It was kind of neat. I just love the YSA branch members. They have such love and fellowship--they want to include everyone and they are always more than happy to welcome new people. The only thing that gets hard is then you want to be their friend... but you are really their missionary.
During our mini blizzard this week, we had kind of an interesting surprise meeting with a guy who met with us in a coffee shop and bought us cocoa. We talked about the restoration of the gospel and apostasy and Joseph Smith, and then he invited us to his church on Sunday night and said he'd come to our sacrament meeting! Sadly, our cars got grounded and we couldn't go, and he couldn't make it to the Branch meeting. Next week? We hope! Next week is Branch Conference, so it should be pretty good.
It is a chilly place to be out here, and our visitors from Alabama are still here because of the cold! Sister Muasau and I have stopped praying for cold weather, because we know that they need to get their work done eventually. But we've enjoyed having them. And any cold weather from here on out is not our fault! (Although, we accept full responsibility for the subzero temperatures last week. We apologize to anyone this may have inconvenienced.) Thank goodness for snow boots and fluffy winter coats! I have to say, I am still grateful for my warm weather gear and all that jazz. It keeps me from getting frostbite, so, you know, life is good.
Which reminds me: Life is good! Don't forget it, okay? I love you all. And watch the Olympics for me, because I am dreadfully sad to be missing it. Sob!
Sister Loradona May

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