Monday, February 3, 2014

Good morning, it's coooooold out there!

Another week and it's... still cold. We actually got some measurable snow this week, for the first time really. The last few times it has snowed it has been probably an inch. Maybe two. It still isn't a ton, and Nebraska needs a lot more rain and snow right now, but it's better than it has been. The snow also gave us a really good opportunity for service. We were driving on our way to the UNK campus to meet with Johnny, our Branch Mission Leader (he's a student there, naturally) when we saw this older woman shoveling her walk. Sister Muasau said, "Sister May, we have to help her!" So we drove around the block until we could park outside her house and offer to help. It turned out she was 86 and was just clearing a path from her door to the mailbox. So we shoveled her walkway, the sidewalk, and her driveway. Good times! And by the time we were done, I was sweating and wanted to take off my coat! Friday was a good day for the chance to do service because of snow. I loved it. Sometimes people don't want to accept our help, whether it's because we are wearing skirts, because we're girls, or because we're missionaries, I don't know. I just know that sometimes we offer and people turn us down. But. We have carried a couch up three flights of stairs in our skirts, I have now shoveled snow in my skirt, and (though I wasn't in a skirt at the time) I have bucked hay and fed horses. And I have helped with canning. So. When Sister missionaries offer help or service, take them up on it! They love it! Seriously, even if it is something small, service is what we looooove to do.
Did I tell you last week about our fun visitors from Alabama? They're still here, and the one who is a returned Sister missionary came out with us on Saturday, and she was amazing and just perfect to join us. I will be so sad when they all have to leave. However, they can't work in the warehouse if it gets below 10F. So Sister Muasau and I have been praying for cold weather. :) Is that evil of us? We just reaaaaaallly like them and the energy they bring to the YSA. So we've decided that if we can just find 4 people to either reactivate or to bring to the church, that energy can be there all the time. Imagine: if you could find 4 people to bring to your ward, how cool would that be? It's amazing the difference that 4 people can make. You wouldn't think it would be a big deal, but it is.
Also, the YSA had a temple trip on Saturday, and I was jealous I couldn't go, partially because the Branch President arranged for them to fly to Omaha on his jet. See why I'm jealous? One of these days accepting a ride on someone's jet won't be illegal for me, and I will jump on that opportunity! Sigh. It's okay. I'm a missionary right now, and that means I need to focus. Speaking of which, I love studying in Preach My Gospel, even when it smacks me on the head and calls me to repentance. Which totally happened today. I realized that I let myself get too distracted too easily, and that for us to make the progress we need to make, I need to focus more and just be more diligent. Not that I'm a bad missionary. I can just be better. I think we can all be better. Not that long ago I had a zone conference where the Assistants to the President talked about 100% responsibility. If I take 100% responsibility, then I will not make excuses for things that don't go right or when I miss an opportunity. It means that I will be responsible and trying to be better.
Anyway, my time is up. Pray for cold weather! Is that weird of me? It's probably weird of me. It's okay, though, because I was walking around on Saturday or Friday or maybe it was Thursday? I forget. Anyway. I was walking around with my coat unzipped. It was 8F. I'm getting used to it out here!
Sister Loradona May

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