Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful...

Well, not frightful, but it did snow, like,5 or 6 inches yesterday, and it has been ridiculously cold. No, not Canada cold, but it has been below 0 at night, and highs around 11 during the day. Though tomorrow it is forecast to be 37 for the high! I am a little excited about that one!
We are working despite the cold and the snow, and I have a testimony of my snow boots and my winter coat: "I know that this is a true coat..." Also, I am glad Mom sent me my Canada mittens--those Canadians know how to keep a girl's fingers warm! Though I still need to purchase earmuffs and a few other things. A sister in the family ward served in Chicago, and we asked her for advice, and she said, "Forget Pretty!" So I am not usually very fashionable or pretty. I wear, like, three pairs of tights, and she said, "Forget the tights. Go with leggings. No one can tell under your skirt and boots." So I am off to buy leggings today.
This last week we've had our ups and our downs, but it is still going well. Sister Muasau received some not good news on Thursday (everyone's fine, but the news was disappointing for her), but then we headed off to the university to join a few other YSAs for a gingerbread house building contest. Before we started, someone asked if we thought we had a chance. I said, "I don't lose!" The school provided the graham crackers and frosting. Everything else had to come from us. We were assigned table 13--luckiest number ever, y'all! And we had 30 minutes to build our creation, which was supposed to be a manger scene. You guys, we were a little disorganized, and it was a little bit, um, messy. That's the nicest way I can put it. But we worked on it and made a little manger scene with gingerbread cookies as people. I gave Mary a halo. :) And then? Time was up. I looked around the room, and there were some cool ones: Hobbiton, The house from "Up" (there were lollipops coming out of the chimney!), and just some really neat things going on. And then they announced the winners: "Third prize goes to table thhhhhree!" We all totally thought they were going to say Thirteen. They did not. That's okay, we thought, we had fun. (Table three was Bilbo Baggins' house, by the way.) "Second prize goes to table 5!" That's it. We were out of the running. There was no way we were getting... "First prize goes to table 13!" ...Wait. What? We all burst out laughing and cheering. We were interviewed for the school paper, including that Sister Muasau and I were missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and we were in the group photo, with name tags and everything. The kicker? There was a first prize of $150. HA! I really, honestly don't think our creation was worth $150, but we were pretty creative with chow mein noodles for hay in the stable, and orange slices for the actual manger. So maybe that is what won it for us?
Moral of the story: when you feel a little low, you get the chance to make a gingerbread house and then win the contest! And then you feel better! Yay! So just look for those tender mercies of the Lord, and I am sure you will find them.
Sister Loradona May

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