Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Week in Plattsmouth!

This week I have been out six weeks, which you know what that means: Transfers! I have no clue if I will be transferred, and I won't know until Thursday morning, so that means you won't know until next Monday. Oh well.
This week was a week where we spent a LOT of time at the Trail Center. Or maybe it just seemed that way?
Anyway, I gave a tour to a a couple of Elders, the sister they were teaching, and a member of their ward, and it was a cool tour. It was one of those times that you could tell the Spirit was there, they were feeling it, I was feeling it, and it was just the coolest. I am trying to figure out why some tours are AMAZING! and why some tours are just tours. When I get it pinned down, I'll let you know.
Saturday was a little crazy: there was a tour of 65  recent high school graduates who came in and we weren't expecting them. There were also a few other tours going on and people still coming in! The sisters who were on call had to pitch in and help, and there for a while, it was constant tours. Then, around 6:30, things went silent. And until closing at 9, there was but one tour, and it was not mine. Luckily though, I got to chat with Elder Butikofer! His dad is Sam Butikofer, and I think he said his mother's name was Naomi? I forget. His name is Gary, and he said that John was just a little older than he is, or maybe that he is just a little older than John? Something like that. Anyway. Because he didn't know Grandma very well, he asked all about her and about us, and it was fun to get to know him better. It's kind of neat that I get to serve with a relative! And he agreed with me: Howard is just about one of the smiliest, laughingest people around!
Thursday we were at the Trail Center in the morning, and we had been thinking we were going back to Plattsmouth that evening, until we were asked to help out at a free medical clinic at a Lutheran church in downtown Omaha. Best. Decision. Ever. It is really the coolest to just cooperate and collaborate with other folks. Anyway, I worked in the medicine dispensary area, running down bottles of pills, helping to fill prescriptions, matching files with names on bottles and so forth. Also, I got to yell people's names out of doors so they could come talk to the pharmacists. I was super busy. Which means life was good! Also, Sister Youngberg--you may remember her from such shows as "Hey, We Were Companions in the MTC!" and "She Went to Kearney!"--was at the clinic helping out, since she and her companion were in Omaha for a meeting.
After helping all evening at the clinic, one of the doctor volunteers and his wife took all of us sisters--all 8!--out for pizza for dinner. It was so much fun, and he is so neat. He's a great guy and just a really caring doctor. One of the sisters at one point asked him about a muscle twitch in her eye, and he stopped, looked at her eye, and told her what she should do and why it was doing that. Basically, he's one of the most servingest people I've ever met. Ever. And one of the sisters has him reading the Book of Mormon, so that's cool, too. :)
I'm trying to think of anything else, and I feel like this week wasn't super thrilling, but it was super good. So not a lot of huge things to report, but just know it's been a good week, and it's going to be good this coming week, too.
Awards?  All of the people who have been writing me get special awards, but special shout out this week to Hykel, who continues in awesomeness and amazingness in her letters and offers to help. Yay for Hykel! Three Cheers!
Sister May

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