Wednesday, January 22, 2014


So, did you know that this week is my midway point of my mission? It is. It seems a little weird. I was writing a friend in a letter that until I realized I was at the halfway point, it seemed like time was ticking up. Now, suddenly, it is ticking down, and it feels like time is running out. I only have 9 months to see the progress in my area that I want to see. I only have 9 months to do this work, and I only have 9 months to get where I want to be. It seems so painfully short.
On that note, let me share some things from this week. It was sunny and in the mid 60s on Sunday! It was beautiful, and I even ditched the tights. It was glorious. And then this morning it was about 6. So, you know, opposition in all things, I suppose. And yes, the tights are back. Yesterday it was ridiculously windy, and I am reminded how the dust bowl must have been. It kind of makes my allergies go nuts. Anyway, when it was lovely and sunny, we were about to have dinner when we got a call from a member to come to a nearby apartment complex, where people were playing sports. So we went and ended up using our dinner hour to play a little football in our skirts! Don't worry, we were decorous in our behavior. It was pretty funny, though. "Sister May! Catch!" I can't run that fast in a skirt, folks, so I did not catch. Sigh.
Speaking of sports, we had a great game night! We have a game night every Saturday to help the members fellowship one another and to give them a chance to invite their non-member friends. We had the best turnout we've ever had and there were several less active members who attended and a couple of non-members, so it did just what it was supposed to do. I love it when we have a lot of folks attending things, especially when they bring their friends. It is so much more fun that way!
We continue to try to find people to teach, and it continues to be difficult. It's hard when people don't even want to try it out. We have so much that others don't have. But they often feel like they already have it all. They feel comfortable. They feel like they don't need any more. Or that there can't be any more.
We've had a moderately working furnace for a couple of months. Then, this last week, it finally went kaput. So we had to call repair people and get them to fix it, so now we live in a balmy 70 degrees, instead of 62. I mean, technically, 62 is livable, and we weren't getting hypothermia. But it was kind of cool. And 70 is soooo much nicer. And what we were supposed to be having anyway. Maybe that's like people without the gospel: They think they are fine at 62. They don't feel the need to stretch for anything more. But when they finally reach 70, they realize what they have been missing. They just need to call the repair people to come in and make it what it should be!
We also had interviews with President Weston this week, which is always good. I like talking with him. It is always amusing, and it feels good to get his advice and suggestions, and to hear him tell me that I am doing okay most of the time.
I don't know if there is anything else of major importance at this time, but just know I love you all, and I love hearing from you! Have a great week and I will write again next week!
Sister Loradona May

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