Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week 2 Gone!

Hola Familia!
They started installing air conditioning in the building where our classroom was, so they moved us to the foreign language building, and we're constantly running into elders and sisters hollering, "Hola, Hermanas!" at us as we climb the five stories to our classroom.
So, I live on the fourth floor, have class on the fifth, teach investigators in another building on the fourth floor, so I basically live in an overly large stair machine. My calves and quads will be huuuuge!
This week has been really good. A little terrifying or embarrassing at times, but good. Sister Youngberg and I have really been working well together--I'm going to miss her when we get to Nebraska and we have to go our separate ways with new companions. It's going to be sad, but I'm trying not to think about it.
We've had the chance to teach several new investigators for practice this week. They're mostly people from the area who volunteer to come and pretend to be investigators and ask us questions. Sometimes they're nice and easy, and sometimes they're tough. Sister Y'berg and I have been working to prepare as best we can to meet with whoever we get. Sometimes it's clear what to do... sometimes not.
This week, with our "Investigator" Shane (he's really our teacher, roleplaying with us as one of his former investigators from his mission), we have had the chance to teach him a lot. In fact, one evening, Brother Grunniger asked if Sis. Y'berg and I would be willing to teach a lesson in front of the class for demonstration's sake. Yikes! We were given some time to prepare, and then we began our lesson. I was kind of anxious about it--I don't think I have ever taught in front of a group quite like that. Another teacher, Sister Pitts, would have us pause occasionally and have the class discuss what we were doing, how Shane was reacting, and basically used us as an example. I have to say, I was not expecting that to ever happen here. I'm glad it went well, though, and it did give the two of us one extra lesson with our investigator that no one else gets, so that was maybe worth it. :)
Then the next night, with no warning, Brother Hales asked me to do a roleplay with him and pretend to teach Sister Call. THAT one terrified me. I had no advance planning, and again, it was in front of the class. I felt I kind of blew it for a moment, but the other sisters and elders asked me how I teach so well. Okay, that sounds reeeeeally braggy, and I'm sorry, but it's what happened. Basically, it made me feel like less of a dork for stuttering my way through an impromptu lesson in front of the class. I still don't think I was super brilliant in that moment, but some 19 year olds think I was. :)
Now for a few more secular things:
Some advice for anyone going to the MTC in the near future:
During Gym time, find some elders and sisters who are relaxed and not competitive, and start a volleyball game. It will be the most fun you have in the gym. For serious. It was so much fun!
Polka dots are the New Hotness around here. You can't go more than 20 feet without seeing some sister with polka dots on her skirt or shirt or scarf or.... You get the idea. Most popular is navy with white dots, but I've seen a lot of variations. Basically, I'm glad that I got that navy shirt with the polka dots because now I can just blend right in with the crowd, kind of like how zebras stand in a herd and the pattern confuses the lions. It's a self-preservation thing. :)
Go to choir! Choir is amaaaaazing and the director is beyond awesome. He KNOWS stuff and it is cool how he can get 200 people to focus and sing, especially when 99% of them are like, 19. Plus, if you go to choir and sing with them for Tuesday devotional, then you get a guaranteed seat for devotional and you don't have to wait in line. Bonus!
Devotional was good. It was Elder Evans of the Seventy and the missionary department. He gave some pretty good advice and I really had a good experience. Sister Youngberg and I will DEFINITELY be heading back to choir this Sunday so we can be in the choir and go to devotional again.

That's what's cool about leaving Wed. instead of Mon. like the other Elders and Sisters in our district: We get to be here for 2 devotionals, not just one. Whoohoo!
Last item: Seeing how I will be leaving the MTC, will no longer be an option. :( You will have to stick to my mailing address in Nebraska. Also, I kind of prefer snail mail, because I can get it any day, not just P Day, and also I can pull it out and read it at any time. Emails are tough because reading them also eats into my computer time--I have 30 minutes to read AND respond to email, so that is hard to do. I do definitely definitely definitely appreciate the emails I have received, but short ones are best, since I don't have a lot of time. Long letters, however, are worth their weight in gold. :)
Awards for the week:
Golden Letter Award goes to Mom, for the first letter in the mail! Also receiving awards are: Margo Benson for a letter on Kitty stationery, Hykel Eiche for the first real letter from a non family member, and to Scott Shea for his second letter! Merillee Booren also gets the Golden Pillow award, which I forgot to mention, since she purchased me pillow cases AND wrote me a letter.
Time is up, I love you all, and here's to leaving for Nebraska!

Sister May

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