Saturday, April 20, 2013

First Email Missive

This is Loradona's first letter via email. Enjoy!
Hey family!
First of all, you should write to me. Hint, hint. This email address works, as does using (double hint hint). Also, so does my address (remember that?).
Anyway, things are going great! It was a little overwhelming that first day, especially since I was running on, oh, about 2 hours of sleep. I got there early since Merillee had to get Ben to kindergarten, but that was no big deal. I was the second sister of the day to arrive, and the first sister was also going to Omaha, Nebraska! We aren't in the same district, but it was still really cool for the first sister I met to be going to my same mission.
There are TONS of sisters here. In fact, this Wednesday was the first time in history that there were more sister missionaries entering the MTC than elders (only about 4 more, but still! We're winning! Mwahahahaha!). My district is made up of six sisters and four elders. Four of the sisters are going to Nebraska, two sisters and two elders are going to New Mexico, and the other two elders are headed for New Jersey.
My companion is Sister Emily Youngberg from American Fork, UT, and she is pretty fantastic. I pretty much think she is the bees knees (I'm still writing this even though she isn't looking over my shoulder this very minute to make sure I say nice things!). We have found we have a lot in common, including a sister married to a Canadian, so that's kind of a fun connection. Her dad is a graphic designer which is another fun familial connection we have together. She and I are working hard together, and it's going so very well. I love it! We have been really diligent in our studies together, and we are learning a lot from one another, in addition to our teachers.
I have two teachers here in the MTC: Brother Hales, and Brother Grunniger. Brother Grunniger is from Magrath, AB, but does not know Kyler (I asked). Both are excellent and inspiring instructors. They really make me think hard about what I am teaching. Which brings me to teaching. They role-play being an investigator they taught on their missions. Sister Youngberg and I are working with Brother Grunniger, aka "Shane." Last night it was our first discussion with him, and it went... Okay. It could have been better, but we were definitely okay. Actually, I take that back. I think we did just fine. It was pretty good for a first lesson where we had never taught before, so I wasn't feeling too bad about it, though I was nervous!
Let's talk about things that really matter: The Food.
Okay, it isn't as bad as I had feared. Things are pretty good, and there are usually some pretty good choices to make, like oatmeal for breakfast, salads at lunch, and sandwiches at dinner. There are tons of choices and there is always fruit to be had. Although you can't take any food from the cafeteria, which I learned the first night after I took a banana back to my room. Oops. Oh well, I still enjoyed my ill-gotten fruits (ha ha! I'm hilarious...)
The elders, though--yesterday, I saw one elder with two different entrees, a salad, bread, a dessert, and three different beverages on his tray! I laughed really hard.
The living situation: I room with the other sisters in my district, two of whom are also going to Nebraska. It's basic dorm style living, with a communal bathroom and all of that kind of fun, though two of the sinks have been stopped up since I arrived and haven't been fixed. I have no idea what's going on with that. Some of the sisters are, shall we say, immature. Not the sisters I live with (they are quite awesome), but the sisters in the room next door are obnoxious--I had to go next door last night after lights out to tell them to hush, because we could hear them shrieking. I walked in, and they were throwing stuff at each other. Ugh.
But, as I said, the sisters I have been working with in my zone and district are splendid, and I love them! We get along quite well, and it is going to be an excellent following week and a half until I leave.
Speaking of which, I already have my travel plans! I will be leaving May 1 on a 7 am flight (ugh... I have to report with my bags at 4 am... sound familiar, Mom?), then flying to Minneapolis with a one hour layover before flying on to Nebraska. Because of that, I don't know that I will be able to call anyone from the airport, but I can try, as long as you don't mind a reeeeeeeally early phone call. Cliff and Jeanette, send me your numbers, pretty please? I didn't write them down--only your addresses.
My Branch President is President Stice, and he teaches Accounting at BYU. He seems excellent, and I have only spoken to him briefly, but I like him. I have already written my talk for Sunday, and we'll see who speaks! Dun dun dun!
Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters, it is now time for the awards portion of our show today!
First, the Golden Seatbelt Award goes to Merillee Booren, for picking me up at the Salt Lake Airport and dropping me off at the MTC. Hurrah! Your reward is my eternal gratitude, and possibly a letter (but I don't have her address. Hint?).
Next, the Golden Letter Award, for the first letter I received here at the MTC. This award goes to (drum roll please) Scott Shea! He sent me a letter through Dear, which was super amazing. It was this beautiful, long, informative letter that was perfect in every way, and for his award, he will receive a delightful, personalized letter in return.
I think those are the only awards I can think of this week, and my 30 minutes are almost gone. I haven't even shared the tiniest fraction of everything that's been going on, but I want you to know that it is amazing and I love it. I regret nothing.
I love you all, and I can't wait to hear from you (HINT! HINT!)
Sister Loradona May
PS-- Know what I love? You don't need to know anyone's name here--just call them Sister or Elder and you're good!

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