Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello All!
We have been "full proselyting" missionaries the last few weeks, but on Friday I learned that would change. A sister had to go home for health reasons, and so that companionship was dissolved, which left a hole at the Trail Center. Because Sister Harris was specifically called to the Trail Center, we were asked to go and fill their space for the remainder of the transfer, about 4 weeks. Sister Harris had kind of missed the Trail Center, so she is over the moon! I am a little nervous--there is so much to learn! But I am excited, too. I wasn't sure if I would ever get to serve there, so now it is guaranteed! I had my first shift last Saturday, and I went on three tours with other sisters. It was good, and I just need to keep learning and studying. We are serving there a TON this week--almost every day--so I will let you know next week how it all goes.
Remember how I wanted to visit all of the states in my mission? Yeah, I do. So, I am in the Council Bluffs area, which means all district and zone meetings take place in Council Bluffs, IA. Check! I live in Nebraska, so, Check! And this Thursday, we are having a combined Zone Conference with Sioux City in... wait for it... Sioux City, South Dakota! Check! After this week, I will only need to wait for Kansas, and I have my whole mission ahead of me to get that. Three states in four weeks, people. It's amazing.
My birthday was good. It was basically another day of the same, but it was a good day of the same!
This last week has been crazy, weather-wise. On Tuesday, it was 100. On Sunday the rain, wind, and lightning rolled in and we thought we would be blown away. Sister Harris and I could see the wave of wind and rain rolling in just as we got in the car, and so we got back out of the car and ran back in the church building. When it stopped, we went to drive towards home, and we passed a lot of downed trees and branches. One tree was completely uprooted and had fallen on a car! We were really surprised to see that one.
We are always moving through potential investigators, but we have one that is awesome. I won't share her name for privacy purposes, but she came right out and told us that she felt like something was missing in her life, and she asked God if we were the answer to that. Is that cool or what? I love her and I love her son. They are some of the coolest people ever.
I always feel like I have a lot to say, and then I sit down and can't remember it. Just know I love you all, and I love all of the letters and support I get from people. You are all amazing!
Bipolar Award: Goes to Nebraska, for whipping between 100 degrees and  then 58 with hail. Nebraska just needs to calm down a little.
Awkward Moment Award: Goes to ME! I tried to say hello to some folks at church yesterday, but all I got out was hello, and they gave a small wave, then I said, "How are..." and then they were walking away. Awkward! I guess they didn't want to talk to me. Sad!
Also, I get the Awkward Moment Award for forgetting my name tag today, so Sister Harris handed me her other tag in her purse, so now we are both Sister Harris. It's weird to walk up to people and say, "I'm Sister May. But my name tag says Sister Harris. And so does hers."
Loradona, aka, Sister May, aka Sister Harris

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